Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our New House!

So many people have been asking to see photos of our new place so here are a few taken right after we got the keys.  As we get things put away and boxes cleared I will make sure to post some with our stuff in it.

Here is the kitchen, which in my opinion is the heart of any house.  This is the room that needs the most work, but we will get to it eventually.  We have already made some minor changes to it, so look for pics and details of those in some follow-up posts.

Here is the dining room.  We really want to get the wallpaper down in here.  This will be one of the first interior DIYs we will get done.  

This is our living room.  It is the room that needs the least amount of work.  Also high on the DIY to-do list is painting the front door.  We want to go with a purple hue and I think we already have the exact color chosen.  Pics of that to come soon.

This is our bathroom.  We also want to re-do this room eventually, but we're waiting for now.  The future holds a re-tiling job, paint, a new light fixture and a new sink as well as the removal of the shower door.  (We prefer a curtain.)  Also, this photo may seem to be missing something: the toilet!  No worries; it is just next to the shower in the foreground. 

 Here is our bedroom.  When we got into the house we discovered the previous owners had left several things, including a large wood dresser.  We decided to move that into our bedroom and get rid of a couple of smaller dressers we already had.  The color in this room is a light, soothing green that I am really diggin'.  We may end up painting it in the future, but I'm enjoying it for now.  Also, don't laugh at the fan.  Well, you can laugh, but just know that we have already replaced it with one that the light isn't hanging off of by the electrical wires. ;)

This is the second bedroom.  It is acting as a guest room, an office and a library.  Aaron says it looks like a room you might find in the Weasley burrow since it is a little cluttered, but he means that as a compliment.  Haha!  (That's a Harry Potter reference for those of you scratching your heads.)

And here is the backyard, my favorite thing about the whole house!!  We have a persimmon tree, an apple tree, an avocado tree, a plum tree, a Meyer lemon tree, a regular lemon tree overhanging from the neighbor's yard and too many different flowers and shrubs to list.  It also has a covered patio / gardener's shed in the back.  There is a sand pit waiting for a brick patio to be laid out and we also plan to put a fire pit back there to enjoy on cool nights.

And that is our house!  Like I said above, I will try to get some photos posted soon of the house with our stuff in it.  We're also getting a new garage door this week so look for before and after photos soon!

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