Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Open-Door Policy

This weekend marked one week since moving in, and those who have been over know all about our garage door issues.  For those that haven't or don't, let me just tell you that it was made of solid redwood (yes, beautiful), weighed about a gazillion pounds, worked on a single pivot instead of sliding sections, and had a broken opener and springs.

All this meant that lifting it manually was a bitch and a job for at least two people, although Aaron somehow managed to lower it himself a couple times.  And since the springs were broken it had to be propped up with something so it didn't come smashing down onto our heads.  On move-in day it took about five of us to test out miscellaneous sticks and scrap pieces of wood around the garage to see which was the least bowed, most stable, and could best hold up the gazillion-pound garage door.  After some not-so-great tries we settled on a large stick that was found in the backyard.

After a few days of risking being smashed to death by the garage door Aaron and I decided to saw down a long, steel pipe that we found in the garage.  Aaron and I lifted the garage door, he locked his elbows, and I notched the pipe into place.  This became our routine when garage access was needed.  (There is a door to the backyard, but it is really far out of the way and isn't big enough for some things to fit through.) 
Well, the issues (and sadly, the beautiful wood) are gone; yesterday we had a new garage door and opener installed.  We went with a very lightweight steel version in a cottage style, and while I was sad to see the solid wood go, I know this will end up being a good exchange.  I absolutely love the new door!

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  1. The new garage door looks great! I love that it looks like a doors instead of a garage style door.